Cities: Skylines is free to try on Steam right now (update)

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If you find yourself hankering for some zone-planning, sewer-management and parks-placement, we have a solution.

Cities: Skylines, the excellent SimCity-style game, is currently free on Steam, and will be for the next three days. The game is also being sold at a 75 percent discount at $7.49, or $9.99 for the “Deluxe Edition,” which includes various expansion packs.

Published by Paradox, the highly-rated game is the work of Colossal Order, a development team based in Tampere, Finland. It allows players to create cities, while providing urban problems that need fixing. Additionally, through the game’s thousands of mods there are tons of tools and solutions that alter the nature or challenge of those problems. You can read the full story of the game’s development on Polygon.

Update: Cities: Skylines is free to play for a limited time only. We’ve clarified the headline to reflect this.

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