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Demon Slayer’s cute shorts are a must-watch ahead of season 3

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Correction: A previous version of this story stated that the new Demon Slayer season would premiere on Crunchyroll. It has been edited to reflect that this has not been confirmed.

Demon Slayer can be a pretty damn heavy series, full of grisly deaths and emotional moments. So, in preparation for the upcoming third season, take a break from all that drama and watch the lighthearted post-episode clips, now available on Crunchyroll.

Junior High and High School!! Kimetsu Academy Story tosses the main characters into an alternate reality, where they learn how to slay demons in a safe school setting… which means that Inosuke needs to button his shirt and Tanjiro needs to get rid of his earrings, among other things. It’s the chill, slice-of-life reprieve these poor traumatized demon slayers need! The shorts are all between one and three minutes long, and all seven are available both in dubbed and subbed versions.

The third season of Demon Slayer will premiere sometime in April. But if you’re eager to catch it before then, a special limited release of the first episode will hit select theaters on March 3.

The new season will pick up on Tanjiro’s quest to find a cure for his sister Nezuko’s demonic possession. This time around, he and his traveling companions — the boar-head Inosuke and the cowardly Zenitsu — will team up with Demon Corps members Mitsuri Kanroji the Love Hashira, and Muichiro Tokito the Mist Hashira.

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