Riot Games acquires Rising Thunder and Stonehearth studio Radiant Entertainment

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Riot Games is no longer a one game studio. The company behind League of Legends announced today it has acquired Radiant Entertainment, the Bay Area studio behind free-to-play fighting game Rising Thunder and survival game Stonehearth.

Radiant founders Tom and Tony Cannon, who are also known for founding the Evo fighting game tournament and creating networking code software GGPO, said the studio “will continue their mission of building incredible games that speak to us personally as players” at Riot Games.

As for Radiant’s own games, Rising Thunder and Stonehearth, it sounds like their fates will be different.

Stonehearth, the Cannons say, will continue development “full speed ahead.”

“We’ll continue delivering Alphas at our current pace, with the aim of delivering the final game ‘when it’s ready,'” Radiant’s statement reads. “We’ll continue keeping you up to date on our progress through things like our Twitch streams and Desktop Tuesday blog posts.”

The Rising Thunder team, however, will start work on a new game. The fighting game’s alpha will close on March 18.

Radiant unveiled Rising Thunder last year. The game pits giant robots against each other in one-on-one fights, and pursued a simplified approach to the complicated move inputs of other fighting games.

Riot Games was founded in 2006. The Los Angeles-based company released its first game, League of Legends, in 2009. League of Legends is played by more than 67 million people each month, according to Riot.

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